Leeswood is committed to following the principles and requirements of ESG (Environmental Social Governance).


It is a requirement these days that building facilities are built or have a minimum amount of technology built into them to ensure that they are GREEN. Leeswood is fully experienced in designing and constructing buildings and facilities that minimize the impact that each building has on the environment and are energy efficient. We have a dedicated sustainability department of Certified LEED Green Associates and LEED AP who deal with the numerous government regulations and required applications to ensure that every project’s certification process will go smoothly.

LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) 

There are several LEED levels, from the Standard Certification to Silver, Gold, and Platinum and these require that extensive reporting be kept of all work and materials and equipment involved in the construction of the building. The numerous forms to be completed, applications, photos, meetings and submissions require our dedicated sustainability expert’s working with LEED Consultants on the project to ensure a successful result. Leeswood’s experience in this field is extensive and we have reached every level of Certification requested by a client for a building. In addition to LEED, many municipalities now have minimal Green standards that every building must meet. They change from municipality to municipality but Leeswood is experience with the various requirements.


There is a worldwide drive to ensure that new buildings are built to be Net Zero-Carbon. Most countries including Canada are setting 2050 to have all buildings as Net Zero-Carbon. A Net Zero-Carbon Building is a highly energy-efficient building that produces onsite, or procures, carbon-free renewable energy or high-quality carbon offsets to counter balance the annual carbon emissions from building materials and operations. Most buildings current being planned and being designed are built to be Net Zero-Carbon ready. Leeswood has completed Industrial buildings that have been certified as Net Zero-Carbon. The Sustainability Department at Leeswood has a complete understanding of the design guidelines and methods to achieve a Net Zero-Carbon designation for your building.


Buildings are more than just the materials, products, and equipment required to build the facility. One has to think of the interior environment being created. WELL standards require the interior environment of the building be healthy and a place where people are comfortable working. Our Sustainability group has the knowledge and experience to ensure that your building will meet WELL Certification should that be a requirement.

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